Monday, June 1, 2009

June 2009

Woah what a day Friday 12/6/2009

More tweaking with the Threshold & Comfort levels and noticed minor changes in the higher freq's in both mappings, nothing majo

The CUNY ( City University of New York ) listening test i.e. listening to CD with long sentences i.e some up to 14-20 words, with American accent was a breeze and scored the following

CUNY score
99%correct with both left & right processors on ( bilateral )

CUNY score
99% correct in the left processor alone with right processor turned off

CUNY score
99% correct in the right processor alone with left processor turned off

I am very happy with that results considering that I only had my right implant implanted seven months ago

Mapping update - June 2009

Left map 12/6/2009

Right Map 12/6/2009

I have an appointment Friday week for Mapping and check up, looking forward to see what progress has been made since the February Mappings.

Drawing of bilateral cochlear implants from my 3 year old son