Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My experiences with the Cochlear's Nucleus Freedom cochlear implant http://www.cochlear.com/Products/587.asp and the one I received 17 months ago for my other ear is the same one and so very exciting period going from unilateral (one implant) to bilateral (two implants). In 2007, I received the Nucleus 22 Contour advance electrode in my left ear, also from Cochlear. http://www.cochlear.com/Products/593.asp

Both surgeries went well despite the second time round went longer for some reason my right ear was more difficult to access to than my left ear.

I'm afraid tickets are not available for the event :)

Tuesday November 11 2008 - This is it ( goodbye hearing aid, nice knowing you for 30+ years ) The surgical procedure is done at St Andrews Hospital, one of Adelaide’s premiere major private hospitals, located on South Terrace, Adelaide. The Operation was longer than expected ( 4 hour operation ) Funny enough as this date 11/11/ is known as Remembrance day - a day to remember the sacrifice of whats was left of my residual hearing in my right ear. As this is it once the electrode is placed, point of no return.

Wednesday November 12 2008 – x ray showed electrode wrapped perfectly around the cochlear, which is expected and excellent news

Thursday November 13 2008 – Feeling the side effects of the operation
After the surgery, I had roaring tinnitus (ringing in the ears) as well as bouts of dizziness. I also lost taste buds on one side of my tongue. The tinnitus seems to happen at night and dizziness only lasted a few days. All are considered normal, possible side effects of having the surgery.

I became restless after a few days of TV / internet and Bed rest and asked my wife to take me shopping. We went to do some errands and I was surprised to find that I was still weak as I walked slowly and bit unsteady on my two feet.

I had to use a shopping trolley to help me walk faster, I am very surprised to walk slowly like an old 90 year old man . We were only gone for 2 hours and when we returned I crawled back into bed feeling completely depleted of energy. This went on for about 2 weeks and then I gradually began to return to normal.

After both surgeries I experienced moderate pain at the implant site as well as in my ear. The ear pain was intermittent dull ache pain like when you have an ear infection. It subsided after two weeks. I took Panadol to help alleviate some of the discomfort

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