Monday, December 1, 2008

Very Successful switch on

Monday 01 December 2008
I am happy to report that the switch on is a success and I am learning to cope with new sounds in the right ear and sense of direction. What was more amazing was to be able to hear / listen to four to five words at a time and a 10-15 short sentences with 95% success.

The sounds ( bloody awful ) are more Robotic and "jingle bells" type theme with lots of high pitched squeals and whistles. Some sounds are like two squirrels fighting. My poor brain is trying hard to adapt to hearing new sounds. So far I am loving it as was expected to hear these type of sounds and exploring more new sounds around the house.

No two cochlear implant switch on's are alike - both are completely different

Looking forward to many more MAPping sessions this week and next few weeks and in the new year to fine tune the BTE processor


Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Awesome day for too!

Keep up the good work, today is just the start of ur bilateral implant, and it will only just get better. look forward to read more of ur future improvement as i'm hping to get a 2nd one :D

Laura's medical journey said...

oo i remember seeing that each time i went back for my programming! I also saw that computer screen when I had my appointment 4 weeks ago! :D Good luck with ur 2nd implant!