Friday, July 3, 2009

July 2009

I thought it would be good idea to post a copy of my audiogram pre - cochlear implant.

The area where it's shaded ( 0-20 dbSPL range ) i.e. is what I am hearing currently with bilateral cochlear implants

I will interpret what this unaided audiogram tells us as it shows that I have a severe to profound hearing loss

Left ear

.125 kHz - 80 dbSPL
.250 kHz - 95 dbSPL
.500 kHz - 105 dbSPL
1 KHz - 115 dbSPL
2 KHz - 95 dbSPL
4 KHz - 100 dbSPL
8 KHz - 105 dbSPL

Right ear
.125 kHz - 80 dbSPL
.250 kHz - 80 dbSPL
.500 kHz - 105 dbSPL
1 KHz - 110 dbSPL
2 KHz - 100 dbSPL
4 KHz - 100 dbSPL
8 KHz - 105 dbSPL

This month will be an important milestone as I will be soon celebrating two year's anniversary for the highly successful switch on on my left ear.

I am nearly finished reading the book " Sounds from Silence " by Professor Graeme Clark, a must read book for all potential and current cochlear implant recipients as well for parents of children who are looking at options.

This is a powerful and moving book, never ending journey of one man's quest to give people a chance to give sounds from silence. He has proven the skeptics wrong. Best of all he is Australian and we are proud of him . My hat's is off to you Mr Clark, you're a legend and thanks for giving back my hearing.


deafdude said...

Hey I read your entire blog. Interesting pictures of CI mapping. What does it correspond to on the audiograms? 20db? 25db? 35db? What was your unaided/aided hearing before CI? With CI?

Bionic Wombat said...

good idea - audigram posted as it was unaided pre cochlear