Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2009

Impressive new release of the cochlear implant system called Nucleus 5

First thoughts

The new Automatic Telecoil, Instead of manually activating a Telecoil, the user simply picks up the phone and puts it to his or her ear.

The remote assistant - controls both two implants, allow to tweak each processor program settings for different needs, I like that but who can be bothered to carry an remote control with you all times. Most people have enough items in their pockets to carry everyday like mobile phones, car keys, wallets.

Just an thought - I have iPhone 3GS, it would be great if cochlear has 'app' that controls the processor settings via wireless bluetooth

The new software - great to see bilateral mappings can be done on the one screen showing both left and right maps

The question is I wonder if this new Cochlear Nucleus 5 System is currently compatible with Nucleus freedom as I have heard its not backward compatible with the ESPrit 3G


Sun Melody said...


hello has very follows its blog quiet, to serenar the doubts of post that it wrote, yes the Freedom is compatible with the Nucleus5. I am to try the Bilateral one, but I do not know if accepted Portugal, I will know monday.

It can describe the difference of as you are to hear bilaterally?

Kiss Sun

Bionic Wombat said...

the question that I was asking is it backward compatible with the old nucleus 24 which used the 3G processors not the freedom processors